Men's swimwear, gym wear and play wear will never be the same!

Sport Spandex

Sport Spandex

Your guide to super hot spandex.

Let us guide you to the worlds hottest men's swimwear, spandex tights and shorts, spandex play wear for men and so much more. Sport spandex is one of the hottest trends in men's clothing.

Looking for a hot micro bikini or maybe a minimal coverage thong? Ready to try spandex tights and leggings they are the hottest styles in all of sport spandex. There are now hundreds of different spandex styles for men. Ready for the smallest barely there G-string swimsuit we can find the perfect fit for your body. If you are ready to show some skin or show off the curves of your body than spandex is the perfect fabric. If it is your first time wearing sexy swimwear be advised it is almost like being nude. I love the way a tiny bikini in spandex fits my body. You can see just about everything. The shape and size of my equipment and since the suits I wear cover very little you see a lot of cheek too. If you are going to wear hot swimsuits like thongs, bikinis, G-strings and even micro shorts you need to groom correctly. Take a lesson from the girls you know. Do you see any hair down there when she is wearing a tiny swimsuit? the answer is almost always no. The same goes for men if you are ready to wear these great designs that show it all off and allow you to get a great tan be ready to trim or even better just shave it all off. Walk into any gym locker room and you will see many of the younger guys totally shaved. Once shaving all your pubic hair was something only the girls did but it is considered mainstream for men too these days. I love the feel of a spandex micro suit when I am completely shaved and I get way more attention from both men and women than you will ever get wearing board shorts. 

There are sport spandex designs in almost any shape or size you can dream of from tights and spandex shorts to Brazilian bikinis. Ready to go ultra micro there are even pouch only spandex swimsuits for men.